COVID-19 Safety Measures

Our number one priority at The Duck and Rice is to protect the health and happiness of our staff and customers, and we’ve put in place a number of new measures to align with and go beyond the Government’s guidance on COVID-19.

The principles driving the government’s guidance are that low contagion risks associated with Covid-19 in kitchens, bars and restaurants are further diminished via social distancing, enhanced hygiene, specific risk assessments, and careful management of our staff. With this in mind, we are adopting the following measures which will be monitored and enforced at all times:

  • Social distancing of 1-metre plus between our staff and our customers
  • The wearing of protective facemasks in close proximity to others
  • Regular disinfecting of surfaces and key hand contact points
  • Regular hand washing using disinfectant by our staff
  • The ready availability of hand sanitizer and masks for our staff and customers
  • Protective screens at our bars and paypoints
  • Cashless payments

Whilst life will feel a bit stricter than usual, we still want you to feel as relaxed and happy as our staff. So please, if there is anything we can do to improve your experience at The Duck and Rice, please let us know.