Soho has always been known for its offbeat lifestyle, where you can be yourself, be seen or unseen, hang with the rockstars or hang with the outcasts. Our lineup of music and entertainment is born through this eccentricity, and ensures the spirit of Soho lives on louder than ever.

Live Music

We partner with the musically enlightened GW Jazz and frothy Pilsner Urquell to bring Soho a Monday Night live music line up like no other in London.

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Rooted in the undying ambition to find the best upcoming talent and give them a platform alongside true jazz legends, our night is about the past, the present and the future of jazz.

GW JAZZ and Pilsner Urquell Present
the Duck and Rice live

Mon 18th Nov from 6pm


Violet & Viola's Bingo Night

You haven’t experienced a Sunday night quite like it with Violet, Berwick Streets’ oldest resident. At 92 years young, she’s been calling the numbers longer than Mecca, and won’t stand for any nonsense.

Be prepared for dirty dancing, free shots, bespoke Pilsner growlers, and cash giveaways. Only Violet could keep control over such a night of extroversion and questionable arithmetic.

Sun 24th Nov from 6pm


Pilsner Masterclass

The Duck and Rice will be hosting a two hour Pilsner Urquell Masterclass, inviting guests to come and discover the secrets behind Pilsner Urquell, the best beer in the world.

Taught by specialist ‘Tapsters’, you will learn three different Czech pouring styles and then put your newly learned skills to the test by pouring (and tasting of course) your own pint of Pilsner Urquell.

Sat 7th Dec from 11.30am

Drag Queen Quiz Night

Drag is to Soho, what ballet is to Moscow, fashion is to Paris, techno is to Berlin. So it goes without saying we put on a fabulous Drag Queen Cabaret Quiz Night, hosted by the one-and-only Cookie MonStar.

Not just a familiar face in Soho, Cookie’s profile is global. Following in the footsteps of Dame Vera Lynn, Cookie was the first drag queen to be named a “forces sweetheart” after performing for British troops in Germany serving in Afghanistan.

Sun 8th Dec from 6pm